Free Winter Storage at Youngstown Harley-Davidson

Get Your Motorcycle Ready For Winter

If you’re an Ohio resident, it might be time to start prepping your motorcycle for winter. At Youngstown Harley-Davidson, we are ready to help you with that. Winterizing a bike can seem like a hassle, but at our store, we can winterize your bike for you, and store it as well. 

Our storage price for motorcycles is $199.99, and it is $299.99 for trikes. These packages include winterization and a multi-point inspection. If you spend $1,500 for parts or service, we will store your bike at no additional cost. 

If you prefer to winterize your bike yourself, here are some helpful tips. 

How To Winterize Your Motorcycle

  • Inspect chains, belts, and tires. If you notice any issues, be sure to contact our Harley-Davidson store in Youngstown, OH
  • Before winter is a good time to get an oil change, as dirt oil can be harmful to your engine
  • Add fuel stabilizer to your bike. If gas goes unused for a prolonged period, it can also damage vital components
  • Clean your ride. After a summer of packing on miles, it is probably time to give your motorcycle a good cleaning
  • Keep your battery on a trickle charger 

If you have questions about winterizing your bike or are looking for motorcycle storage in Ohio, don’t hesitate to reach out. We will gladly answer your questions, allowing you to take to the road next season with confidence.


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