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Finance & Warranty

Finance & Warranty

Youngstown Harley-Davidson® financing in Youngstown, Ohio

When you are looking to get onto a new or pre-owned Harley-Davidson® near Youngstown, Ohio, financing your motorcycle is straightforward here at Youngstown Harley-Davidson®. You are in good hands financing your Harley-Davidson® with our finance professionals. 

Talk to Youngstown Harley-Davidson® about financing your motorcycle with Harley-Davidson® credit, and get out on the road today. To download a Harley-Davidson® credit application, click here. Print it, fill it out, and bring it in.

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We don't just finance New & Used motorcycles; you can also add parts and service, an extended service plan, Harley-Davidson® riding gear and clothing, and everything you need to make sure your experience is on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is fun and rewarding!

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) at Youngstown Harley-Davidson®

What is this?

If your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is stolen and never recovered, chances are you'll have to pay the "GAP" between your insurance company balance and the loan balance. Don't assume that your primary insurance will cover any loss related to your motorcycle. In reality, the actual cash value that an insurance company places on your bike may be substantially, and we mean substantially less than the outstanding balance on your loan. So who pays the difference or the "GAP" between your insurance company and your loan payoff? Surprise... You do! Unless you were forward-thinking and purchased GAP insurance.

Here's a GAP Example:

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